Anna, born in Thailand, fully qualified with many years of experience in the art of Thai Massage – she have helped ease (often cure) hundreds of client’s ailments or pain, return to strength after an injury, prepare for a marathon, sleep better or simply to de-stress ensuring they return time after time to maintain their peak level of calm & fitness.  We will listen to your concerns and plan a suitable treatment accordingly!  She is sympathetic to your needs and will expertly perform any treatment to your level of comfort – as soft or deep as you like, just ask!

Thai Massage Benefits

-          Relieve aches & pains: particularly good for back pain, tennis elbow, frozen shoulders, muscle cramps etc.

-          Reduce stiffness & increase your flexibility

-          Improve body posture, balance and alignment

-          Reduce mental stress and relieve anxiety

-          Reduce migraines, headaches and improve sleep

-          Boost the immune system

-          Promote blood circulation

-          Regain balance between mind, body and spirit